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Academic Technology

At CSP, when we use the term “Assessment,” we are typically referring to the process by which we evaluate how well students can demonstrate their learning of outcomes/objectives at the course, program, and institutional levels. We set out these outcomes/objectives in the form of student learning outcomes. (SLOs). As of June 30, 2019, CSP no longer uses eLumen for the assessment of learning outcomes. Blackboard offers several ways to use embedded rubrics and tests for assessing CORE and academic program outcomes, including Blackboard Outcomes and EAC.

If you have any questions regarding which type of assessment your program is using, please reach out to your program chair. For more information on either Outcomes or EAC, please visit the information below.

If you have any further questions regarding assessment, please visit the CSP Assessment & Accreditation site or reach out to your program chair.

Blackboard Outcomes

Blackboard Outcomes is an assessment tool that uses "juried” assessment, which is currently only being used by the Science Department. That means Blackboard pulls sample sets of artifacts (assignments submitted in Blackboard) that have been aligned with the learning outcomes you're looking to assess. Then, these samples get assigned to a reader or group of readers outside the course – designated department faculty, for example – each of whom scores each artifact in their assigned sample according to the rubric for the outcome(s).

What does this mean for faculty? Faculty can grade students' work as they normally would from within their course in Blackboard; no additional steps are required. 

Accessing Evidence for Analyzing

Who is this for? These instructions are intended to support faculty who have been assigned to complete program assessments using Blackboard Outcomes.

EAC Visual Data

EAC Visual Data is a third-party tool that integrates seamlessly with Blackboard. EAC uses “primary” assessment, that is, instructor-scored rubrics, tests, discussion boards, etc. It allows for the reporting of in-course student achievement data across sections and terms. EAC is based on aligning student learning outcomes (program, CORE, Graduate) with rubric rows and test questions. 

For more information on this tool, please visit the EAC Support Site or review the below information.

Adding Assessment Columns in Blackboard

The following documentation will walk program chairs and/or coordinators through adding an assessment column in Blackboard Courses for EAC assessment purposes

Scoring with Rubrics for EAC Assessment in Blackboard

These instructions are intended to support faculty whose course is in the Blackboard Ultra view.

Accessing and Navigating EAC Reports from Blackboard

Deans and program chairs may need to access EAC to view aggregated assessment data. Individual instructors can follow these steps as well to view data from courses they have taught.