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Initiatives and Services
Services & SLAs

As part of the Curriculum & Instruction Center's work to advance knowledge, standards, and innovation related to curriculum development, instructional design, and academic technology, we offer various course services and support options. With each option, faculty have the opportunity to work alongside instructional designers, librarians, and academic technologists to identify and implement ways in which their courses can be improved and supported. 

If you are interested in scheduling or learning more about one of these options, please email

Course Consults

This process works in partnership with a program to review an existing course and make recommendations for improvements. Program chairs and course faculty member(s) work with an Instructional Designer, Librarian, Data Retention Advisor, and Academic Technologists to review key course elements and identify areas of strengths and areas for improvement. The end result is a comprehensive report reviewing the key findings with actionable items should the program be interested in making any updates to the reviewed course. 

Course Developments

This process works in partnership with a program to take a new or existing course and develop the content from the ground up. This includes the Program Chair and a Course Writer (subject matter expert) providing content within a shared build document, with both an Instructional Designer and Librarian providing feedback throughout the process. Once the content is finalized, the Instructional Designer builds the new course in the LMS.

As a result of working with the C&I team, faculty can expect the following:

  • Courses are (re)designed using instructional design best practices with both accessibility and user experience in mind.
  • LMS retention data and other student success indicators are evaluated and incorporated into course design recommendations.
  • Course assignments are evaluated to ensure student clarity and success.
  • Course materials are collaboratively evaluated as part of an effort to drive down the cost of traditional course materials.
  • Various university resources, including (but not limited to) Charlie Academy, Career Services, Writing & Tutoring Support, etc., are considered and incorporated as best fits within a course for faculty and student success.

Throughout the course development process, faculty and the C&I team will use a Google Doc to collaborate and communicate. This document is internally referred to as the 'course build doc' and is shared with faculty after the initial course development kick-off meeting. Please view the below-listed links to learn more about how the course development process works and the course development document.

Course Management

This section outlines the instructional design and academic technical support services that are offered to academic programs at CSP through the Curriculum & Instruction Center. 

Service C&I Developed Course Non-C&I Developed Course Occurence
Course Copies Included At faculty request Semesterly
Course Enhancements At faculty request At faculty request As needed
Course Merges See course merge policy See course merge policy Semesterly
Course Resource List Included At faculty request As needed
Syllabus Maintenance Included At faculty request As needed
Term Preparation Included N/A Semesterly