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Academic Technology
Integrity Tools

Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor

LockDown Browser is a custom browser provided by Respondus that locks down the testing environment within the LMS to prevent unethical academic behavior. Students cannot print, copy, or navigate to another website—everything is locked down until the exam is submitted for grading. Students cannot access other applications when using LockDown Browser. This prevents them from viewing class notes, searching the Internet, accessing email, using instant messaging, and more.

Monitor is an additional webcam tool that can be used in tandem with the LockDown Browser tool. Monitor records students during their tests and monitors for certain activities. Students are required to use a webcam and microphone when Monitor is enabled. Once the test is completed, instructors can review the recording and are notified of any flagged activity in the recording.

For more information on this tool, please visit the Respondus Support Site or review the information below.


SafeAssign is a tool within Blackboard that helps to identify plagiarism in student submissions. When SafeAssign is enabled on an assignment, the student's submission will be compared against several sources. Once the comparisons are completed, SafeAssign will produce an Originality Report, which contains an originality score as well as potentially suspect sources that have matched the student submission. It is essential to review this report carefully.

SafeAssign is effective as both a deterrent and an educational tool. It can also be used as a learning tool to help teach students to attribute sources rather than paraphrase properly. Instructors can choose to allow students to see the results of Originality Reports, providing learning opportunities for understanding how to write and express themselves.

For more information or help with SafeAssign, you can visit the Blackboard SafeAssign Help page or review the information below.