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Initiatives and Services

This page provides information regarding current CSP policies surrounding general course design, access, and management.

Course Copies

Course copies are performed by academic technologists from the C&I team every semester. All course copies are based on primary courses. 

Please see below for the standard course copy schedule or subscribe to the C&I Center Google Calendar for semester-specific dates.

Milestone Action Context
75 days prior to semester  Email Notice Deans, chairs, and/or coordinators will receive an email notification from reminding them of this schedule to ensure edits to primary courses are completed and that copy requests are submitted before the 60-day milestone.
45 days prior to semester  Courses Copied  Term preparation is performed on those courses that qualify, and copies are completed within the LMS. 
30 days prior to semester  Instructor Access  Instructors are provided access to their courses within the LMS.
7 days prior to term  Student Access  Students are provided access to their courses within the LMS.

If you have any questions regarding this process or primary courses, please reach out to or visit our Primary Courses information page.

Course Merges

Faculty interested in merging courses within the LMS must work with their program or department chair to submit a request via email to Please note course merge requests must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be approved by the Registrar's Office prior to making the request
  • This must occur seven days prior to the start of the term before students have access to the course(s) within the LMS. Once students have access to the course in the LMS, courses can not be merged.

LMS Course Access

Courses are available in the LMS to users at differing dates depending on their role within the course. For details, please review the table.

User Role Access Date Access Retention Enrollment
Student 7 days prior to term 2 semesters Must be registered for the course in Banner
Instructor 30 days prior to semester 4 years Must be registered as the instructor in Banner
Dean/Chair 60 days prior to semester 4 years Access is available via the Admin Panel in the LMS

LMS System Retention

Courses are archived and removed from the LMS four years following the end of the semester in which they are taught. For example, a course taught in the Fall of 2018 may be removed from the LMS in December 2022.

Why does CSP need to remove courses from the LMS?

  • System health: Maintaining a large system can make the maintenance and support process more arduous. Users can also face performance and function issues with large course lists.
  • The LMS is not designed or equipped to be long-term storage. Instructors and students can use Google Drive to store course content as needed

Students should regularly save course submissions and content to their personal computers or Google Drive accounts. Students retain access to registered courses in the LMS for the following two semesters upon completion of a course. Courses are unavailable for student access past this time period to help maintain the academic integrity of a course.

Please note that primary courses, organizations, and courses younger than 4 years are not removed from the LMS.