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My Courses (D2L Brightspace)


A widget is a space in My Courses that displays information or provides a specific way for you to engage with content. They often serve as a quick way for you to access information or a shortcut to a tool or location within a course. Announcements, Table of Contents, Quick Eval, and Instructor Profile are all widgets you will routinely use.

Widget FAQs


Help boost student engagement by scheduling announcements for frequent and regular communication to all learners enrolled in a course. You can also use Announcements to quickly let students know that a deadline has changed, or that course content is available.

Table of Contents

Find the Table of Contents widget on your course's homepage. From here you can click on each available course content module. A few additional features included in the Table of Contents widget are listed below.

  • Acts as a progress tracker for students
  • Acts as a shortcut to course content
  • Module description displays on the flip side of each tile

Quick Eval

Quick Eval provides instructors with a centralized location to access all student submissions, such as discussions, quizzes, and assignments. It also provides filtering and sorting features to facilitate the easy access and grading of all submissions. Sort by course, submission type, submission date, or name.

Instructor Profile

Instructors can introduce themselves to students using the in-line authoring feature of the Instructor Profile widget.

  • Upload a photo
  • Add a brief bio
  • Provide contact information and office hours