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Faculty & Instructors

Welcome to this Library guide for faculty. On these pages, you'll find information about the many services the library offers to support you and your students. From finding course materials to supporting research and writing skills to maintaining student scholarship, we're here to help! 

Questions? Email and we'll be happy to discuss any of our services.

About the Library

The Library works to create services, spaces, collections, and a culture that helps prepare Concordia’s students for thoughtful and informed living. We empower students to grow the skills necessary to live and work in an information-rich society. We guide students of all backgrounds and skill levels in the ethical use and creation of information in scholarly and professional contexts. We collaboratively build services that enhance teaching and learning and connect students to resources, both online and in-person.

The Library and Academic Support Services organization includes the following departments:

  • Instruction & Outreach -- provides Information Literacy instruction and research skills development for all academic programs
  • Tutoring & Writing Support -- provides students with multiple ways to access subject-specific and writing-focused support
  • Collection Management & Services -- manages the Library's extensive online and print collections and ensures collections are discoverable
  • Curriculum & Instruction Center -- advances knowledge, standards, and innovation related to curriculum development and instructional design
  • Digital Scholarship Services -- works to preserve and promote student and faculty scholarship and promotes the use of materials that drive down the cost of traditional course materials
  • University Archives & Special Collections -- ensures the safekeeping of the items of historical value to the University

The Role of Liaison Librarians

Your college has a librarian assigned to it to make sure your program and courses include appropriate Library services and materials. Your liaison librarian works collaboratively with you and the other instructors in your college to:

  • faciliate faculty recommendations on materials to add to the Library's electronic and print collections
  • review research assignments to ensure the Library has the necessary resources
  • develop instruction sessions that promote Information Literacy development and research skill development
  • ensuring that Library services and resources, including tutoring and writing support, are embedded within the curriculum and easily accessible to students
  • facilitate the preservation and promotion of student scholarship

You can find your college's library liaison on the Staff webpage.

Partners with the Library

The Library partners with numerous other departments at the University and external organizations to ensure students have a high-value educational experience.


The Consortium of MnPALS Libraries

Concordia University is a member of the MnPALS library consortium. MnPALS comprises over fifty member institutions, including community colleges, private colleges and universities, the universities of the Minnesota State system, technical colleges, a number of state government agency libraries, the Minnesota Historical Society, and the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library.

Concordia’s membership in MnPALS provides our students, faculty, and staff with access to over ten million titles held by other member libraries throughout the state.


The Center for Hmong Studies

The Library building on the St. Paul campus is home to the Center for Hmong Studies. The Center is located on the lower level of the Library. Established in 2004, the Center exists to promote the scholarly interest, the rich legacy, and the complex heritage of the Hmong people. 

You can learn more about the Center for Hmong Studies at