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The Gradebook is an essential part of any LMS system. Here you can find information on the following topics:


Accommodations can help make courses more accessible for students by giving them either a time accommodation or a due date accommodation. The use of these accommodations should be discussed between the instructor and the student. 

Exemptions can be used at the instructors discretion

Assigning Grades

Assigning grades is one of the fundamental uses of the grade book and will help instructors communicate students' progress in the course. 

Automatic Zeros

Automatic Zeros are a tool that can be used to nudge a student who is late on an assignment or set a hard deadline and save the instructor from grading assignments that haven't been turned in. Automatic Zeros are only really useful when due dates are up to date in a course. If due dates aren't set up in the course then it can cause distress to the students. If you are unsure if Automatic Zeros are right for you please reach out to the C&I team or your department chair. 


Feedback is a tool that will allow instructors to give students comments and corrections on assignments while grading. 

Grade Columns

Grade columns are the bones that make up the grade book. Instructors can use the flexibility of the grade book to track offline submissions, embedded grade items, and independent grade columns.

For more information on the Overall Grade Column and its function, please see this Overall Grade page.

Best Practice: Set the view to percentage for optimal performance of the Overall Grade Column.

Grading with Rubrics

Rubrics is a tool to keep consistent grading guidelines while grading multiple assignments.

Navigating Grading

Submission File Types

Below is a cheat sheet for supported file types in Blackboard. For the complete list, please see the Blackboard Supported File Types documentation.

Files Supported File Types Programs
Audio AIFF, AU, MP3, MPE, RA, RM, WAV, WMA Real Audio Player
Multimedia ASF, SWF Microsoft .NET Show
Presentation PPT, PPTX, PPS PowerPoint
Spreadsheet XLS, XLSX Excel
Text DOC, DOCX, HTML, PDF, TXT, RTF Microsoft Word
Best Practice: Files used by an operating system-specific program can make it difficult to open the file on a different operating system. To counter this issue, it is encouraged to request PDF documents for submission.