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Chicago/Turabian Citation Guide
Author/Date Style

In-text Citations

Author/Date style is very similar to other citation styles (such as APA) in that the author, date, and page number are enclosed within parentheses within the text. Full citations are then available in the reference list at the end of the paper.

To cite within the text, use parentheses at the end of a sentence. Include the author's name, the publication date, and the page number (if applicable). 

It might look a little something like this:

...(Munson 2020, 16). 

For more detailed information, see the section on Citing with Author/Date Style.

Reference List Page

The reference list at the end of your paper starts off with the level one heading of References. This means the word references is centered and in bold. Full citations are then listed in alphabetical order and use hanging indents. Citations are single-spaced, but they are separated from each other by a space.

It should look similar to this:



Author's Last Name, Author's First Name. Year of Publication. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher. File type or URL (for ebooks).


Author Last Name, Author First Name. Year. "Title of Article." Title of Journal Volume (Issue): Pages. URL, DOI, or Database.


Publishing Organization. Year of Publication or n.d. (if no date is available). "Title of Web Page." Published, Modified, or Accessed Month Day, Year. URL.