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APA 7th Edition Citation Guide
Business Reports

Reports from Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations

If the name of the organization can be abbreviated -- such as the American Nurses Association (ANA) -- include the full name in your first in-text citation. After that, you can use the abbreviated title throughout the rest of your paper.

Reference Page Format:

Corporation/Non-Profit. (Year of Publication). Title of report. URL

Reference Page Example:

American Library Association. (2022). State of America's Libraries Special Report: Pandemic Year Two.


In-text Citation Examples:

First in-text citation:

... (American Library Association [ALA], 2022).

The American Library Association (ALA, 2022) reported that ...

After the first in-text citation:

... (ALA, 2022).

According to the ALA (2022)...

Industry Report (IBISWorld)

IBISWorld industry reports are classified by number -- corresponding to the industry's NAICS code. You can find this number at the top of the report. 

Reference Page Format:

Author, A. A. (Year of Publication). Title of Report (IBISWorld Industry Report [Number]). Retrieved from

Reference Page Example:

Thomas, B. (2022). Specialty Food Stores in the US (IBISWorld Industry Report 44529). Retrieved from


In-text Citation Examples:

Thomas (2022) shared that ...


Company Report (Hoover's)

Note that Hoover's reports do not include a specific author or date of publication. List "D&B Hoover's" as the author and (n.d.) to signify no date was found.

Reference Page Format:

Author. (Year of Publication). Title of Report. Retrieved from Hoover's database.

Reference Page Example:

D&B Hoover's. (n.d.). Specialty Eateries. Retrieved from Hoover's Database.


In-text Citation Examples:

D&B Hoover's (n.d.) shared that ...

...(D&B Hoover's, n.d.).