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APA 7th Edition Citation Guide
Previous Coursework

How to Cite Yourself

When citing a paper that you wrote for a previous class, consider yourself as the author and your previous course work as an unpublished paper. Include [Unpublished manuscript] in brackets after the title.

Reference Page Format:

Author, (year written). Title [Unpublished manuscript]. Institution.

Reference Page Example:

O’Toole, T. (2019). An analysis of pre-WWII leaders [Unpublished manuscript]. Concordia University, St. Paul. 


In-text Citation Examples:

According to O’Toole (2019)...

...(O’Toole, 2019).

...(O’Toole, 2019, p. 4).

Blackboard Lectures and PowerPoints

Sources on Blackboard, such as recorded lectures and PowerPoints, are not available to people outside of your institution. If the audience of your paper is your professor and/or classmates who have access to the content, use the following examples.

If your audience is not enrolled in your course or part of your institution and therefore does not have access to the content, cite the content as a Personal Communication.

Reference Page Format:

Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Title [Format]. Blackboard@CSP.

Reference Page Example:

Neilson, J. (2022, September 1). What the library can do for you [PowerPoint Slides]. Blackboard@CSP.


In-text Citation Examples:

According to Neilson (2022)...

...(Neilson, 2022).