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APA 7th Edition Citation Guide


When using ChatGPT as a resource, it is impossible for readers to reproduce the exact same text that the writer used in their paper. Therefore, the writer must describe how they used ChatGPT in the methods section or a comparable section of the paper. 


When prompted with "How does stretching before exercise improve an individual's workout?" the ChatGPT-generated text suggests it helps with flexibility, circulation, and muscle stiffness. It also helps prevent injury: "dynamic stretching before exercise can help activate and prepare the muscles for the specific movements involved in your workout. This can reduce the risk of injuries by ensuring that your muscles and joints are ready for the demands of your chosen activity" (OpenAI, 2024). 


Reference Page Format:

OpenAI. (Year). ChatGPT (Month Day version) [Large language model]. Hyperlink

Reference Page Example:

OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT (Jan 22 version) [Large language model].


In-text Citation Examples:

OpenAI (2024)...

...(OpenAI, 2024).